Got Stuff?

Do You Have Stuff?

We are always on the lookout for interesting and historical pieces.  If you have items to sell or donate that you think we would be interested in the best thing to do is send us some pictures at, or stop in with the items.  Due to overhead and the time it takes to sell an item, we often explain that we buy at 'garage sale prices'.


Help us give these historical items a new home, and save them from the landfill!

Contractors & Builders  

If you are renovating or restoring historical homes (pre-1950's) or businesses, we can come to the site to remove the old building materials.  Not only are you saving these pieces from landfills, it can also help lower your disposal costs! Please contact us at, or call 608.960.0110

Professional Selective Demolition 

We are always looking for opportunities and partnerships for deconstruction projects. We can offer bids, consignment, and removal of materials.  If you have a demolition company or demo crew, please contact us at, or call 608.960.0110. 

Architectural Salvage 
Reclaimed Lumber
Vintage Decor

Deconstruction Inc. Madison, WI

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