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About Us

Antiques, vintage decor, Americana, historic pieces,
Preserving History

We are in the business of preserving the past so that it can be enjoyed by future generations. We achieve this through selective demolition and salvage of usable building materials keeping as much out of landfills as possible. What sets us apart is our specialization and passion for historical buildings and items.  Most of what you will find here will range in age from 50 to 200 years old!

Reclaiming and Salvage  

In turn, we are a supplier of architectural salvage, reclaimed building materials and vintage decor to the public. Homeowners, contractors, developers, DIYers and others can find a wide array of salvaged materials for almost any scale project. Since 1986 we have been deconstructing everything from homes to factories throughout Wisconsin, salvaging as much material possible. We take pride in the history of everything we save and in giving these items a chance to be enjoyed once again.

Reclaimed wood, reclaimed building materials, reclaimed barn wood, reclaimed factory wood, lumber
Reclaimed Flooring, Trim, Mantels, Crown Molding, Base Board, Rosettes, Plinth
Any Size Project

Our doors have been closed to all but a select few over the past few years but we have now reopened to the public. Whether you are doing a small craft project, looking for wedding or photography props, restoring a historical home or even building out a new commercial development we welcome you to come take a look around.

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