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What We Have

Our inventory is always changing based on what interesting historical items we can bring in. We do not have an online inventory of all items, however it is safe to expect all types of reclaimed building materials like beams, barn wood, reclaimed lumber, stone, brick, reclaimed wood flooring, vintage trim (base board, top cap, crown molding, rosettes, plinth, etc.), reclaimed doors and windows, sinks, ceiling tin, fireplace mantels, vintage lighting, and vintage door hardware (knobs, locks, hinges, etc.).  In addition to the building materials we also have a large collection of vintage and antique decor items like furniture, toys, trunks, stools, carts, books, paintings, glassware, and crates.  


You never know what you will find and every visit is different from the last.  So whether you are looking for one small, hard to find hinge, replacement flooring, or a ton of bricks, Deconstruction Inc. may have just what you're looking for!

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